What is a reasonable commute time?

Generally speaking, it's best to keep the trip to work under an hour each way. This allows you to have enough time during the day for other activities, such as spending time with family or pursuing hobbies, without feeling too exhausted from a long trip. Travel time, unless it interferes with tucking a child in or sleeping in your own bed most nights, should be the last thing to consider when accepting a job or not, in my opinion. Using a 5-day workweek, you calculate how long an average worker living in South Dakota commutes to work.

Whether you live in the city center or have to drive from the countryside, almost every American has to make some kind of trip to work. Since the average commute time to work is half that of New York State, you'll spend much less time in the car in South Dakota. Having lived in a larger city, I found that 45 minutes was an average travel time anywhere, so that was my limit, and anything over an hour was an absolute no. To find a decent home in a safe area and at a price that isn't poor on housing, it's a 90-minute one-way trip.

Living in a densely populated area can increase travel time and the use of non-motorized transport.

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