Are there any wineries or breweries available in charlotte, north carolina?

Seven Jars: winery, brewery and distillery in Charlotte, NORTH CAROLINA. There are 18 taps for beer, cider and mineral water. Serre Vineyards is the only winery in North Carolina that is wholly owned by Charlotteans and is mostly owned by women, welcoming both wine newbies and sommeliers. These featured vineyards near Charlotte are a mix of several North Carolina wine regions, but many come from the popular Yadkin Valley.

In Cabarrus County, Rocky River Vineyards is a North Carolina family vineyard that grows muscat grapes. The vineyard cultivated on the estate is the only one of its kind in North Carolina and harvests Greek and Italian grape varieties. The iconic wine is made with Rkatsiteli, one of the oldest known grape varieties in the world and the first in North Carolina. Charlotte is the largest city in North Carolina and is surrounded by some of the best day trips in the state.

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