What are the requirements to work in childcare in north carolina?

The assistant teacher will attend pre-service and in-service training as needed; will understand and maintain compliance with North Carolina child care requirements; and all other functions assigned to him by the center director. In general, anyone who provides regular child care services (more than once a week and more than four hours a day) for three or more children needs a child care license in North Carolina. Enrollment in an early childhood education program is mandatory if the minimum of an associate degree in early childhood education has not been obtained at the time of hiring. This 29-page document outlines all of the most important rules and regulations you'll need to follow as a child care provider in North Carolina.

In North Carolina, prospective applicants for a child care license must attend a pre-licensing workshop as a prerequisite. Child care requirements ensure that programs meet the minimum standards of care in North Carolina. If you plan to provide child care services for your community in North Carolina, you will need to obtain a child care license. You can update your child care license by complying with North Carolina laws, hiring staff with strong educational backgrounds, and maintaining high quality standards in your child care program.

North Carolina's child care licensing process is administered by the Division of Child Development and Early Education (DCDEE), under the purview of the North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services (NCDHHS). North Carolina offers separate and distinct pre-licensing workshops for prospective child care providers who want to operate an FCCH. North Carolina State University is accredited by the Universities Commission of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools to award associate, baccalaureate, master's and doctorate degrees. We'll explain how to know if you need a license, the types of child care licenses offered in North Carolina, and how to move forward step by step through the process of granting child care licenses.

The North Carolina early childhood credential is preferred or must be obtained within 12 months of hiring.

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