Are there any zoos or aquariums available in charlotte, north carolina?

SEA LIFE Charlotte-Concord is an interactive aquarium located at Concord Mills in Concord, North Carolina, a suburb of Charlotte. The aquarium contains thousands of aquatic creatures, in addition to an interactive touch pool and a 180° ocean tunnel. North Carolina has an impressive variety of places to see and learn about animals. We have zoos, aquariums, animal sanctuaries, scientific centers and more, that offer face-to-face experiences with animals, from anteaters to zebras.

Whether you're walking, driving, or riding in a tourist vehicle, seeing real animals and learning about them is a universal appeal for all ages. Before leaving, be sure to check the days and hours of operation and whether or not advance reservations are required. Check out this list of places where you can take the family to have fun watching animals. A ninety minute drive in a different direction from the North Carolina Zoo is the Riverbanks Zoo, another popular zoo in the Charlotte area.

In fact, this place also functions as an aquarium and botanical garden, so there is a lot to see for nature lovers and animals of all kinds. Located in a picturesque spot on the Saluda River in Columbia, South Carolina, the Riverbanks Zoo covers an area of 170 acres and has been in operation since the mid-1970s. This zoo receives more than a million visitors every year, with more than 2000 animals in total. Whether you're interested in huge mammals like giraffes and elephants, thrilling reptiles like Komodo dragons, tropical fish, or anything else, you'll find it at the Riverbanks Zoo.

The 70-acre botanical garden is another beautiful part of this attraction, and the Waterfall Junction area is a big hit with young children in particular. The North Carolina Zoo in Asheboro is the largest natural habitat zoo in the world at 2,600 acres. Connect with wildlife from two different continents as you explore exhibits carefully constructed to resemble natural habitats. Discover more than 1,600 animals and 52,000 plants along five miles of shady trails.

At the North Carolina Zoo, we celebrate nature. As the largest natural habitat zoo in the world, animals have plenty of space to roam. Our dedicated team of experts provides exceptional and compassionate care to the more than 1,700 animals that live in our park. The gardens are located on the University of North Carolina campus in Charlotte, and were originally the idea of Dr.

A true tree-lined garden, Van Landingham Glen is the first installment of the Charlotte Botanical Garden at the University of North Carolina. If you're looking for a live animal attraction near Charlotte, North Carolina, visit the Carolina Raptor Center in Huntersville, just a 20-minute drive from downtown Charlotte. Located in Charlotte, North Carolina, the amusement park also includes a water park filled with several water slides and other attractions. The McMillan Greenhouse at the Charlotte Botanical Garden at the University of North Carolina contains eight greenhouse rooms, six different themed plant collections, surrounding plant beds, a patio, and terraces.

The Charlotte Botanical Garden at the University of North Carolina offers a variety of educational programs. First we went on the North American side, then we had lunch in the center of the park and then we traveled on the African side. The UNC Charlotte Botanical Garden, which began in 1966, is located on the campus of the University of North Carolina in Charlotte. I understand that warm-weather animals may need extra care when it's cold, but not North American animals either.

The North Carolina Zoo is honored to be affiliated with many wonderful organizations and entities both locally and globally. While some of these classes are taught at the Charlotte Botanical Garden at the University of North Carolina, others are taught at other botanical sites, such as Pearson's Falls, the prairies of Cabarrus and Union Counties, and Forty-Acre Rock Preserve. The Susie Harwood outdoor garden at the Charlotte Botanical Garden at the University of North Carolina was designed to inspire visitors' gardening. About ninety minutes' drive from Charlotte is the North Carolina Zoo, which is a must see for any zoo lover and anyone with a slight interest in animals and wildlife.

Visitors can enjoy panoramic views of North and South Carolina, as well as the park's landscape, as the tower rotates. .

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